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Sawtooth & White Cloud Mountains Trail Map - Adventure Maps

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The Sawtooth & White Cloud Mountains provide some of the most awe inspiring and unique views in America. High peaks, crystal clear lakes, cool mountain streams and mountain meadows are the draw to this pocket of Central Idaho. In these parts, outdoor recreation reigns supreme and this map provides the necessary information to make the most of your time here.

Many mountain bikers have known about the amazing singletrack trails and lightly traveled forest roads near Stanley for some time, while others are just discovering them. 15 recommended rides of varying difficulty are highlighted on this map. Use the descriptions to pick a ride appropriate to your abilities.

Hikers & horseback riders will find hundreds of miles of trails on this map; Ranging from flat walks to technical scrambles with steep drops and above all, the opportunity for immense solitude. Use one of the 15 hike descriptions to point you to the most appropriate hike for your ability level and time constraints.

5 groomed cross-country skiing trails/areas are also described to help point skiers towards some of the excellent, lightly used ski trails in the beautiful Sawtooth Valley.

  • Open Dimensions: 39 X 27 inches

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  • Scale: 1:63,360